Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Do: Everything

So far we have:
  1. Purchased the boat. Check.
  2. Moved the boat. Check.
  3. Emptied the boat of the previous owner's crap. Check.
The truth is, I'm not much of a list maker. And when I do make lists I'm not great at sticking to them, which makes grocery shopping an adventure and large projects a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot situation.

That fact is going to make getting started on this boat refit a serious challenge.

Last weekend, while we chemically fought the wasp invasion, I started cataloging the various projects that were coming our way.
  • New Galley Design. We're planning to replace the existing alcohol stove with a gimbled propane version, which will require extending the countertop on the port side, and which will lead to...
  • New Port Side Settee. The existing settee/single berth will get resized into a generous single seat to accommodate the remodeled galley, which will mean...
  • New Dining Table. The existing table will need to be resized and redesigned to fit the new galley and seating arrangement.
  • Propane System. There isn't one now. But there will be, in part to run a new propane heater.
  • Fresh Water System. The existing hand pump will be supplemented with a pressure pump, accumulation tank, and water heater. A hot water shower in the cockpit is on the "maybe" list.
  • New Electrical System. What is there is a joke. A couple of auto batteries and some lamp wire. The plan is to rip the whole damn thing out and start from scratch. AC shorepower, charger, batteries, wiring, panels, LED lighting all around. This is going to be the second biggest job.
  • New through-hulls and hoses. Not a small job. So far I don't see any reason to not go to Marelon for these. Why have underwater metal if you don't need it?
  • New prop.
  • New cutlass bearing.
  • New dripless shaft seal.
  • Rigging? Furler?
  • Engine? What the hell to do about the engine? Replacing it would be ideal, but pricey. It does run...maybe we just clean it up and replace it in a couple of seasons? I'd rather do the whole thing now while we have it out of the water and are doing all the plumbing and wiring projects anyway...Anyone have a nice Yanmar 2GM they want to donate?
What we need to do is find something small to add to this list so we can get it done and check it off. Success. So let's add this:
  • Kill wasp nest. CHECK.

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  1. You are retaining some portion of the boat you purchased, right? This is a daunting list! But what a cool way to build something together.