Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's Get Something Done

Your heroes have been on something of an extended vacation that definitely did not include sailing or sailing related activities (unless you consider taking pictures of the dhows in Lamu a sailing-related activity...
Or unless you consider the kids swarming all over the inflatable kayak at the lake a sailing-related activity...
But now we're planning to be home for a week or so before heading out for another round of land-locked vacationing, so we want to get some work done on The Project while we can. Since it doesn't look like the Yanmar Fairy is going to deliver a new 2-cylinder diesel engine any time soon, we're thinking of starting with two pretty major upgrade projects: electrical and propane.

The propane system will be a simple one:
  • New propane stove in the galley (final selection not yet made, but we're leaning toward a single-burner drop in model after debating the merits of a double-burner gimbaled version)
  • Propane fireplace in the cabin (in the nook where the standard bookshelves were)
  • New propane locker and 1-gallon tank in the aft lazarette (we're getting a pre-built model with the solenoid and everything already done
  • Gas sniffer and control panel
The electrical system will be a little more complex since we are adding an AC circuit and battery charger where there wasn't one before, but for now we need to get the new panels so that we can start wiring things like the propane switch and the fireplace blower.

At the same time we will start pulling all of the interior wood and refinishing it in the garage before reinstalling it.

And scouring Craigslist for a new engine. Anyone have a good lead on a new Yanmar?

So that's where we'll be next week. Updates to come.

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  1. Just found your blog. We're sailing our CD27 in Maine right now. for our latest. I saw your picture of the holding tank area under the port berth. Where are you thinking of moving it to? That's where they just intalled ours. There's a certain smell that seem unavoidable.

    We'll be watching your repairs - looks like a lot of work.